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1 September 2013

Comments From Visitors To Plymouth College of Art Summer Show 2013

Thought I'd share with you some comments that the public wrote in my comments book at Plymouth College of Art Summer Show in June 2013.

'Best In Show. Exceptional work, Extremely impressed.' Sarah James - The Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracy.

'Well Done - definitely Best in Show! All the best see you at Bovey' Emma - Textiles Lecturer at PCA.

'Really lovely work - beautifully and precisely executed. L.Wilby

'Absolute perfection and a real credit to your "living" in college. All the hours you've put in. Keep at it and keep off the chocolate.' Moira - PCA Ceramics Graduate 2012.

'Well Done Ruth - professional, elegant and impressive!' Rosie - Project Coordinator at PCA.

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